Opera Unite

With Opera Unite now the web browser becomes a web server. It is really interesting to see how people adopt this new concept. Maybe the internet now becomes more open and everybody becomes a server ?
More infos about Opera Unite here. http://unite.opera.com/

Making music with beer

Amazing software that makes it possible to navigate music software with beer crown caps.
Internet site is not in english yet.


Future Web News on twitter

We are now posting updates also on twitter. Just check out


A new 3D dance myspace like site. They raised about 15 million dollar venture capital. First starting in Korea and China.

More videos and infos here.

Free Earth - Flash based 3D earth

Free Earth is a nice Flash based web application that looks like Google Earth. It has less functions then GE but it has the advantage to save the download. Also the API looks very interesting.

Poly 9 - FreeEarth Homepage

Running a car on water instead of gas.
Really amazing !

This is a really amazing invention. Maybe solving one of the biggest problems we have today. Also look at other videos proving this new invention on Youtube. The inventor has been murdered, but many companies are working now on this technology.
Also it looks like it is an simple process.

More videos and infos here.

3D Brush - Video Classic

Yeah this is one more Youtube Classic ...
Much fun.
It is just an idea not yet coded.
Kerkythea - Amazing free 3D renderer

One of the best free renderer that can be found is out now in a new 2008 version. Just get it and play around with it. It has a good and easy GUI.

Kerkythea Homepage

Linux now makes Vista look really old

There are new Versions of Linux that make Vista look really old fashioned. The new Mint Linux looks amazing with Compiz Fusion. Just take a look and judge by yourself.


Mint Linux
Compiz fusion

Youtube Desktop

New : The company is called now idesktop and can be found here:

A new interesting way to organize and watch Youtube Videos offers
Youtubedesktop.com . YTD offers a nice way of find new videos on youtube. Also it is possible to download YouTube videos in diffrent formats like avi or mp4. They are still in Beta but already the site looks very promising. Just register for their beta and try it out.

New 3D companies and products

Here are some new 3D companies and products which look very interesting.
Take a look.

Pelican Crossing
is the developer of Blink 3D™, the complete system for creating and viewing rich interactive and animated multi-user 3D environments that can be published and viewed on the Web or locally. Blink 3D can be used to create virtual worlds for: Games, Education, Virtual Heritage, Product Marketing and 3D chat.

Open source software for 3D worlds. The graphics look really nice. Very fast graphics engine called iZigoo. Still in developement. We are excited to see the first videos.

Screenshot M.I.N.D. DS

Japanese company which produces a new online world.

Vastpark Opensocial
A new 3D world with nice looking physics.
Vastpark Homepage

A new 3D comic stlye online world with focus on teens.

A 3D environment to integrate into webpages. It features many nice ideas, but the software is really slow. Still in beta. Needs a really speed increase.

Funny Video Classic

Yeah this is a really Youtube Classic ...
Much fun.

Fragmotion - Good 3D Animation Tool for 25 $

There are not too many great animation tools out there. Most good 3D animators cost 1000+ US$. Fragmotion is a great tool at a very good price of 25 US$.
It is a pretty complex for beginners but good for advanced users.
Check their homepage at www.fragmosoft.com .