New 3D companies and products

Here are some new 3D companies and products which look very interesting.
Take a look.

Pelican Crossing
is the developer of Blink 3D™, the complete system for creating and viewing rich interactive and animated multi-user 3D environments that can be published and viewed on the Web or locally. Blink 3D can be used to create virtual worlds for: Games, Education, Virtual Heritage, Product Marketing and 3D chat.

Open source software for 3D worlds. The graphics look really nice. Very fast graphics engine called iZigoo. Still in developement. We are excited to see the first videos.

Screenshot M.I.N.D. DS

Japanese company which produces a new online world.

Vastpark Opensocial
A new 3D world with nice looking physics.
Vastpark Homepage

A new 3D comic stlye online world with focus on teens.

A 3D environment to integrate into webpages. It features many nice ideas, but the software is really slow. Still in beta. Needs a really speed increase.